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"It's the FOOTWORK that COUNTS"        -          "We ride on our FEET not our SEAT" 

To achieve an all SPEED handle, which we call "BOZZAGE"


"The SPIN stops HERE"


"The Ultimate Training System"

Hi-Tech Performance Riding For English And Western Collected And Speed Bozzage Combined

2 hands - 1 hand - no hands -  with sticks only at all 4 speeds

           The Top 1% Riders all do  Click here and read!


                a    This is Level 1 only Level 1 Evaluation Test

                b    This is Level 2 only Level 2 Evaluation Test

                c     This is Level 3 only Level 3 Evaluation Test

                d    This is Level 4 only Level 4 Evaluation Test

                                        All 4 Levels Evaluation test

The Top 1% Riders all do Click the link and Learn  what the Top 1% Riders all do!


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         Come to 4 Bozzage Clinics and earn one of these medallions. Then add each Level Dog Tag - 3 per level.

2 hands    1 hand    no hands (sticks only)    4 Total Levels of Completion. 

Click here for Bozzage information Boz Essay


Boz Saddlery #1 in the world in SADDLES - BITS AND TRAINING and we can prove it "Lets Ride"

$100.00 challenge to anyone that is using any other saddle - bit or training system and can pass the Bozzage Basic handle beginner level. The failure of this test is proving why Over 50,000 riders end up in wheelchairs for life each year.





BOZZAGE  is the greatest horse handle you could ever put on any horse & rider for any discipline. 

What you do with it is up to you.  I have done my job by giving you more Security, Balance, Agility and Control than any horse

 training system ever developed and have also designed the #1 Saddle, Bit and Training Equipment,  And I can prove it


Now take the Bozzage test and see if you are a 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% Rider.  Come see me and I will finally teach you how to ride,

 guide and agilize your horse .  Like no one else can.



3 Reasons why you are not passing the Bozzage Levels:

    1.   Your saddle tree is built rigid somewhere in 3 places: Pommel - Cantle - and or bars.  And it is built technically wrong.

    2.   Your control package - bit - reins - etc.  only give you 5% control

    3.   Your riding technique is way to basic

Now the questions is?  What are you willing to do about it?  If nothing then all I can say, is to have a nice day because I cannot help you or your horse 






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"It's the FOOTWORK that COUNTS"        -          "We ride on our FEET not our SEAT" 

To achieve an all SPEED handle, which we call "BOZZAGE"


"The SPIN stops HERE"



All prices on all items are subject to change without notice. 



BOZZAGE Clinic coming up in August.  Deadline for registration is July 10, 2016 .  Click here to see some pictures of the different clinics:  and go to Bozzage Performance 
					Riding School & Clinics  for more information and registration.  Don't miss out!




SUMMER CLINIC:  1 only this year at Piggly Pines .  Hurry and register now, space limited

August 12th, 13th & 14th.  Arrive on Friday and have the option to schedule a private lesson for an extra fee:  $75.00    You will ride Sat and Sunday and depart Sunday afternoon.  You can also schedule private lessons on Sat in the afternoon.  Clinic fee $375.00 this includes meals starting Friday night and ending on Sunday at lunch, includes 1 pen for 1 horse.  You bring your own feed.  Click here for the registration form.  Registration Form Bozzage Clinic 2016

FALL CLINIC: To be announced




Piggly Pines Ranch - Home of Bozzage Training & Boz Saddlery

Boz clinics at Piggly Pines 2015 summer - we will only have 1 clinic - July/August.  We will be offering 3day clinic & will offer private lessons on Thursday July 30th (arrival day) and during the afternoons free time.   Private training on other dates available - call and book your time:  559-542-1269     $695.00 per person ,1 horse, includes meals, stall and 3 day clinic fee.    Lodging is separate .  July Clinic dates will be:   Arrival and private lessons July 30th, Clinic July 31st, August 1st and 2nd, 2015.   Bozzage July 2015 Clinic Registration Form

 Horse Expo in Pomona Jan 31, Feb 1, & 2, 2013.  - They were stars, the show went over terrific, we had a very positive response. 

Check out Horse Expo in Pomona -

CONGRATS TO THE  FAB SEVEN!!!   Click here and see their Bio's   THE FABULOUS SEVEN

 Boz and The Fab 7 were in the  main arena  (Ram Trucks Freedom Arena) each day .


Click here to read review from Bozzage students Bozzage Reviews


          1.   First of their kind! PHD

          2.    Please call if you are interested in attending a Bozzage Clinic or  if you are interested in holding a Bozzage Clinic in your area.                       
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Bozzage Clinic 2014 Registration Form -  Bozzage clinic or Bozzage private training form

Boz Private Training Registration form     

BOZ BUCKING DUMMY - The Boz Bucking Dummy, learn how to break and train your horse safely.

 Bozzage Piggly Pines Info  - Information about Piggly Pines Ranch Training facility and Horse vacation options.  We offer Boz clinics, Boz private training, Horse vacations with places to stay, horse pens, arena and round-pens.  Have access to 100's of miles of trails to ride in the High Sierras. See pictures below on Piggly Pines in July 2009

PIGGLY PINES IN JULY 2009 - Come up and join us in the High Sierra's. We have an arena, round pen and horse stalls and you can camp, rent a room, cabin or tipi.

January 2010 Storm - See how we spent the a week in Jan., 2010 .

PIGGLY PINES BOZ SADDLERY SHOP - Visit our saddle shop

AERC 2016 Trade Show - Reno, NV

AERC Convention 2013 - Reno NV.

AERC 2011 Convention - Our booth at the convention

AERC CONVENTION 2010 - We attended the convention and had a booth in Reno


BOZ SHOEING - Learn how to shoe your own horse and check out Boz shoeing equipment that makes the job easier, faster and safer.

Xtreme barrel race Reno,Nv 2017 -  We attended the Xtreme Barrel Race in Reno, NV and had a booth, here are some pictures of the saddles we had on display.



BJ Nov 2014 Bozzage Clinic - Another great clinic to end the year.

Bozzage Clinic at BJ's Nov. 2013  

Bozzage July 2013 Clinic - Beautiful weather , great clinic at Piggly Pines

Bozzage Clinic at BJ's May 2013

Clinic at BJ's - March 2013 - Click to see what you missed out on not going to a Bozzage clinic.  This was at BJ Fallerts ranch near Porterville, March 2013

Bozzage September 2012Clinic

BJ's Bozzage clinic Nov 2012

Bozzage July 2012 Clinic

Boz Clinic 2011

Boz Clinic August 2005 at Piggly Pines Ranch

Boz September 2005 Clinic at Piggly Pines Ranch

AERC Convention in Reno - 2005


Horse Expo Pictures - 2012

Horse Expo Pomona 2013

EVENTS AND ETC AT PIGGLY PINES AND PONDEROSA - Piggly Pines & Events - See pictures

PPOA Snowday 2010 - Ponderosa Property Owners Association asked us to host their annual Snowday for the community.  Here are some pictures of the event at Piggly Pines

SNOWFEST 2010 - The area snowmobilers each year put on a snow fun day for the clients at the Porterville Sheltered Workshop.  These clients are mentally handicapped and some have physical disabilities as well.  The snowmobilers for the local club "Sequoia Snowmobilers",  Bakersfield's club "Sugarloafers Snowmobile Club" and Fresno area "Bass Lake Snowmobile Club" all bring their snowmobiles up to Ponderosa to the Quaking Aspen campground and put on a snow fun day for all the clients.  They take them for rides on their snowmobiles and serve them a hot lunch and then more rides.  Each year these volunteers do this and the clients get a chance to play in the snow and ride a snowmobile which if it wasn't for these people they would never have a chance.  The local CHP, Sequoia National Forest Service, Cal Trans, Tulare County road crew and our local Deputy Sheriff officer all come and help make sure everything is as it should be for a fun and safe day.  As you can see by the pictures a fun time was had by all. 

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