Bozzage was designed to change Barrel Racing forever, guaranteeing you and your horse more Speed, Balance, Security, Agility and Control than any other training system today.

1.       You will learn how to Race Barrels not just Run Barrels

2.       You will ride on your feet not your seat through the entire Race

3.       You will learn the 1-12 Bozzage foundation basic to advance  handle maneuvers

4.       You will guild with 2 hands not just 1 hand

5.       You will learn 22 ways to pick up the correct lead

6.       You will learn 26 ways to change leads

7.       You will learn the 8 different ways to do 180 degree rolls, 4 from a left lead, and 4 from a right lead. This will really teach you how to control the hind quarters in and out of all turns, never again having to deal with the wrong leads in or out of something, a huge loss of power and balance for both horse and rider.

8.       You will never be in the wrong lead from start to finish

9.       You will learn how to rate a horses length of stride 13’-12’-11’-10’ etc. to match the length of the barrel course.

10.   You will learn how to gallop your hands in rhythm with the horses head and feet, not just float your hands and reins with no contact with the horse’s mouth, learn how to race and ride like a jockey.

11.   You will learn how to do hind quarter barrel turns, to hold the correct leads in and out of the turns, not the famous forehand barrel turns being used by everyone today, wrong leads in, wrong leads out, disunited, or hopping like a rabbit for 3-4 strides. It is the footwork that count’s, it is time to learn it.

12.   You will never lose your stirrups because ours are hung in front of your cinch in the Boz Original Balance Ride Spring flex Saddles, not behind your cinch like the counterfeit saddle you ride now.

13.   You will learn to reward your horse at the end of the race by throwing your reins forward to stop instead of punishing him by pulling on the reins.  If you keep punishing him at the end he will quit racing to the end.

14.   How is this for running barrels, guild with 1 hand, death grip on the horn with the other, and beat the wind out of them with both legs.  No folk’s this is not balance riding, this is a battle to stay astraddle on a counterfeit saddle, period.

15.   Our Boz Oridiginal Balance Ride Springflex  Saddles will do 32 things no other saddle can do, making it the #1 saddle in the world. Our 2 custom bits that we make will give any horse and rider 95% more control at any speed or direction, and as you can see Bozzage is not a joke, and it is not for the World Championship Campfire Riders. You must learn levels 1- 4  in Bozzage to be able to Race Barrels not just Run Barrels.

This will be the new generation of unbeatable Barrel Racing Champions, not Barrel Running Champions. That I guarantee, just wait and see. Those of you who think I don’t know what I am talking about, just keep in mind ,  A Bozzage trained Barrel Racer can run a 12’-10’- 8’- 6’ barrel pattern and be in the correct lead through the entire course  even the 6’ course . A barrel runner could never attempt such a feat, period. Tired of coming in second then look up our web site and contact me at:  559-542-1269 or I am a Master Performance Coach and a Monte Foreman accredited Instructor, for over 35 years.  What I have to say I put it into Riding!  See you in the area and don’t forget your helmet. Designed to win!!!