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There is only one RIDING BY REASONING and this is it!  


Thousands upon thousands of pages of printed material, both current and dated, exist on riding, agility and performance atop the horse.
However, we guarantee to you that no other single source of easy-to-read-understand information has ever come to print in the history of horsemanship that is equal to this original version of RIDING BY REASONING

This book is the product of over fifty years of research by several of the worlds foremost authorities on horse and rider movement, balance and agility. Containing the original unedited articles written and illustrated by John  BOZ  Bozanich's mentor and legendary horseman Monte Foreman. Riding By Reasoning is the final word on Saddle design, rider positioning for virtually every discipline known to the world of Horsemanship.

Without a doubt the information in this book will change you and your horses level of performance forever!

Riding by Reasoning is a 40 page booklet that includes the most scientific studies ever done on saddles and riding positions of all disciplines, English and Western. Learn why you have only been able to get 10% out of yourself and your horse as a team, even if you are a champion. This will show you without a question what real "BALANCE RIDING" is all about. All questions will be answered.

Riding by Reasoning conclusively shows why the Boz Versatile Balance Rhythm Saddles are the most scientifically designed saddles in the world. This saddle is backed with a $10,000.00 challenge!

If you would like to order a printed copy instead of printing it out yourself - Price: $49.95 - This includes the Riding By Reasoning Booklet and DVD


These files are in Adobe "PDF" format.  If you have not downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the reading of (PDF) files, you mad do so by clicking on the following logo.  The downloading and use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader is free.  After loading please click on bar in the upper left corner that says Riding By Reasoning and it will bring you back to this page.


Click on the Article you would like to read and a larger view will come up.

Introduction to Riding By Reasoning and Boz Saddlery


  Article I - Lets Consider Riding Only For Speed


  Article II - Similarity Between Race and Bareback Riding


  Article III - From Polo to Stock Saddle


  Article IV - The Principles for "getting with a horse best" during his maximum efforts are like those of the balanced, bareback rider who can stay easily with his arms folded


  Article V - Something to think about............


  Article VI - Bulk and Grip


  Article VII - Riding the Stop


  Article VIII - The Foreman '54 "Balanced Ride Saddle"


  Article IX - "Why should the Stirrups be hung farther Forward"


  Article X - "Effect of Stirrups On Both Horse and Rider"


  Article XI - "Horse's Reaction to Rider Weight"


  Article XII - "More about Balanced and out of Balance Stops - and their effect"


  Article XIII - "Difficulties in Changing Riding Styles"


  Article XIV - "Controls and Weight Cueing"


  Article XV - "Effect of Rider Weight on Change of Leads"


  Article XVI - There are differences in riding barebacks and saddle broncs


  Article XVII - "Change-over from seat to feet"


  Article XVIII - "The rider's legs and leg muscles play an important part in horse -contact and grip in balanced riding"


  Article XIX - Balanced riding not only helps the horse -- it looks good, too!




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