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          "It is the FOOTWORK That COUNTS"                             "We ride on our FEET, not our SEAT!"

                                                  "The SPIN stops HERE"

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NEW 2014!!!!

Boz Springflex Barrel Racing Saddle

U.S. Patent # 5,101,614

It is superior in design, ride ability, safety, speed, comfort for your animal and unmatched craftmanship!

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            Saddle weighs 20 lbs. This is the new Ultimate Light  Barrel Racing saddle built for speed and balance.  It has the new Boz Pebble Grip horn that is Alum. and light weight.  Gives you a little Bling for your saddle.  Notice the reverse Alum Stirrups that gives relief to your shin bone, this was requested by the customer.  This saddle has a performance seat to keep you forward in the balanced position.  This customer is racing for money , her saddle needs to be comfortable for her horse and has to keep her balanced and in the correct position.  Per customers request, notice the short strings and small conchos, gives you some bling but not too much to add weight.  Stirrups are additional price  $3105.00

                                        U.S. Patent # 5,101,614

"The Starr" Saddle weighs 22 lbs. The Ultimate Boz Springflex Barrel Racing Saddle.  Click on the small picture for a close up view.  The border stamp is a small star.  This saddle is built for speed and comfort along with security.   This saddle has Western Stirrup Fenders and laced leather stirrups.   $3455.00

  This Saddle weighs 18 lbs.   This is the Boz Ultra Light Barrel Racer.  The pommel and rear points are uncovered.  You can get your tree in colors, this tree is Brown. This saddle is strictly for race and no frills.  This saddle includes  Pebble Grip Alum Horn ..  $2220.00

Finally NO MORE        1.  Shoulder pinching        2.  Loin rubbing         3.  or  Bridging    

                                             Plus 95% more Balance and Security

Riding a BOZ makes you a “WINNER “    The most scientific designed Barrel Racing Saddles ever built 30 New advantages to help you  “WIN” 



                                                        These pictures show some of our saddles and equipment along with Piggly Pines/Shop and clinic students enjoying a ride in our meadow and seeing the giant redwood that are near by.  To see more click on the links above for saddles, clinics and Piggly Pines.


A BIG CONGRATS OUT TO CHERI BRISCO ON HER AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE WORLD OF ENDURANCE 2013.  She has both our Boz Bareback Saddle and The Boz Trail Saddle with the fleece seat.  She rides both of our saddles but thinks she really likes the Boz Bareback the best.  Please see below what she did in 2013 and Click here Testimonials and then scroll down to the  Endurance sections of Testimonials,  to see what she has done in the past years.

Cheri Brisco does it again:    2013 Christmas card brings another great year for Cheri.  1660 miles in 2013.  1st Jim Jones Stallion Award, 1st National Mileage Championship Senior Division, 1st award for Bill Stuckey, 1st Pac S.W. Feather weight.  This was done all in the Boz Bareback Saddle and Boz Trail Saddle.  See her quote in AERC News, thanking Boz for making saddles that fit so well. 



"It's the FOOTWORK that COUNTS" - "We ride on our FEET not our SEAT" 

"The SPIN stops HERE"

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1.Boz Saddlery/Bozzage Training Introduction Video (You tube version)

2. RBR Saddle Research (RBR stands for Riding By Reasoning) by Monte Foreman

The most scientific saddle research ever done .

Click here to read:   Riding By Reasoning PDF


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The most scientifically designed and built "SADDLES" and "TRAINING GEAR" in the world.  There has been enough talk....isn't it time to put it in "RIDING?"  Think about it, you have to have a BOZ SADDLE because you love your horse.  Boz saddles are built on Genuine BOZ SPRING FLEX AIR FLOW RELAX FIT WITH MEMORY SADDLE TREES in the style of the Monte Foreman Balance Ride Saddles only on a Boz flexible saddle tree.

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US PATENT # 5,101,614

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