The Boz Clinic is far more than your average weekend training experience with yet another famed GURU. If you want to learn to ride with more grace, agility, effortless precision, and confidence than you thought was ever humanly possible - find the nearest BOZ CLINIC and GO! If you'd rather whisper to your horse than ride then stay home - This clinic is not for you.

Your time at a BOZ Clinic is spent in the saddle. You and your horse will learn the eighteen basic agility movements at a walk, trot and canter with two hands, one hand and finally no hands, that is the Boz System of Hi-Tech Performance Riding for English and Western Collected and Speed Dressage Combined.

John "BOZ" Bozanich is one of the most unique, intriguing and inovative man to ever grace the world of horsemanship. He and his wife Ann have devoted their lives to enriching horse and rider relationships through development of cutting-edge tack and equipment and inovative training techniques.

Boz's uncanny ability to communicate with horse and rider is one of his strongest qualities in the area of training. You will never leave wondering what he was trying to teach you. His love for helping those that will listen comes from deep within and manifests itself in those working up the levels.

Boz is also available for personal instruction. Talk about quality time, there will be no unanswered questions. If you're serious about growth in your knowledge and skills then this experience is for you!

This system is designed to educate the rider in control and communication on the horses back which is where the greatest percentage of the trouble begins. If you can't control a horse from his back, no amount of ground knowledge and communication will save your "neck"

Without a doubt the strongest quality of Boz and his entrie organization is the simple fact that he will never quit striving to grow and learn whatever he can to create a more perfect line of communication between horse and rider. His vast knowledge of every aspect of the horses structure and movement, definately gives him an edge over others in this field.

He strongly believes that every student should exceed the ability of their teacher, if you are truely a teacher. Boz is constantly developing new products and equipment to advance the world of horses.

If you want to grow, enjoy your horse and exceed every expectation you've ever dreamt of, BOZ can help you do it.

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